According to the Health Research Board “Research is designed and conducted to generate new generalisable or transferable knowledge”.

The ultimate goal of any research undertaken is to obtain results that may contribute to appropriate and improved healthcare directed at meeting patient needs.

Research Ethics Committees (RECs) play a central role in the research process. However, the tasks and responsibilities for RECs have become more demanding and increasingly complex over the last decade.

RECs are tasked with:

  • Upholding the rights of all research participants
  • Assessing the risks and benefits of research
  • Ensuring consent is valid and without duress
  • Protecting confidentiality and privacy of all medical and personal data
  • Monitoring and auditing ongoing and completed research

Increasingly, research is being conducted on a National and International level and across multiple academic and industrial sites. This further complicates the process for RECs to maintain a coherent yet applicant accessible approach.

Here at the Beacon Hospital we on the REC wish to act as facilitators of research.

We review and offer advice on research involving:

  • All patients of Beacon Hospital
  • All relatives and carers of patients of Beacon Hospital
  • All Beacon Hospital staff recruited as research participants
  • All past and present collected personal data

If you wish to conduct research under the auspices of Beacon Hospital, you must have approval from the Beacon Hospital Research Ethics Committee:

REC Committee Members: 2019

Chair: Prof. Ray McDermott: Beacon Hospital Consultant Medical Oncologist
Vice Chair: Assoc Prof David Burke: Beacon Hospital Consultant Cardiologist

Ms Elizabeth Brennan: Research Manager Wellington Eye Clinic
Ms Paula Brennan: Nurse Supervisor/Clinical Ethics Adviser
Ms Elizabeth Coghlan: External Medical Person
Mr Leo Kane: Lay Member
Mr Gavin Lawler: Beacon Hospital Oncology/Radiation Therapy Research Specialist
Dr. Victoria McEneaney: Beacon Hospital Research Institute
Mr Stephen McMahon: Lay Member
Ms Vigetta-Anne Moran: Patient Services Beacon Hospital
Ms. Stephanie Naughton: Clinical Trial Associate
Ms Catherine Nugent, Pharmacy Manager, Beacon Hospital
Ms Ruth Whelan: Manager, UCD Beacon Hospital Academy

Monday 3rd February @ 16.00 IST Friday 17th January @ 17.00 IST Open
Monday 6th April @ 16.00 IST Friday 20th March @ 17.00 IST Open
Monday 8th June @ 16.00 IST Friday 22nd May @ 17.00 IST Open
Monday 10th August @ 16.00 IST Friday 24th July @ 17.00 IST Open
Monday 5th October @ 16.00 IST Friday 18th September @ 17.00 IST Open
Monday 7th December @ 16.00 IST Friday 20th November @ 17.00 IST Open


A Research Ethics Committee Standard Application Form (RECSAF)

A Participant Information Leaflet and Informed Consent Form (PIL/ICF)

A Data Protection Impact Assessment Form (DPIA)

A Local Checklist and Signatory Page

Guidance Manual for RECSAF Form Completion


Per Application: Per Site: Per Amendment: Fee set by Legislation:
MEDICINES for Human Use (note currently this REC cannot give a single state opinion)
Sponsor-Led Clinical Trials €1,500 €150 €500 Yes
Investigator-Led Clinical Trials €150 €50 (waived) €50 (waived) Yes
Clinical Trials which are Non CTIMPs
Sponsor-Led Clinical Trials €1,500 €100 €500 No
Investigator-Led Clinical Trials €150 €50 (waived) €50 (waived) No
MEDICAL DEVICES for human use
 Sponsor-Led Clinical Trials €1,500 NIL €500 No
Investigator-Led Clinical Trials  €150 NIL NIL No
Sponsor-Led Clinical Trials €1,500 NIL €500 No
Investigator-Led Clinical Trials €150 NIL NIL No
Sponsor-Led Clinical Trials €600+extra NIL NIL No
 Investigator-Led Clinical Trials NIL NIL NIL No

Please note: All studies which are investigator led by a Beacon Hospital Staff Member are subject to a fee waiver.

Engage EARLY and OFTEN with the REC for Help and Support

Allow 2 – 3 Months for the Application Process

If you cannot check ✓ Forms on the CHECKLIST before submitting your application – your application will not be sent to the REC for consideration

Click here for a guide to applying to the Beacon Hospital Research Ethics Committee

Cover Letter Listing All Documents to be Reviewed 
Research Ethics Committee Standard Application Form 
Participant Information Leaflet/Informed Consent Form
Data Protection Impact Assessment Form
Local Checklist and Signatory Form
CV of Principal Investigator (Signed and Dated)
Recruitment Material/Posters
Questionnaire/Interview Prompts/Protocols
Evidence of Previously Approved  Ethics
Proof of Current Insurance for Each Investigator Not covered by Clinical Indemnity
Proof of Current Insurance for Each Site Not covered by Clinical Indemnity
Certificate of Insurance for Sponsor for Externally Funded Studies
Applicable Fees

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